Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Sale

Alhamdulillah. We made our first sale. This is not from the May batch of 15k but from our trial run batch which adds up only abt 500 fish. Remember the blue polytank? Our May batch will be ready for harvest by August 2009. Most likely by the start of Ramadhan. On Saturday, 18th July 2009, another 20k fries went into our pond totalling altogether 35k.

Coming back to the first sale. We sold a total of 10kg (yes folks, ten only, the rest went inside our stomach) to my brother who owns a food stall in Semarak (very nice minang dishes with very reasonable price) @ RM4.5/kg. So along the way, as and when we would have stock of mature 6 fish per kg sizes, we already have a ready buyer.

Sorry, no picture this time.


Uncle said...

Tahniah Bro, Alhamdulillah.
At least for a start, further more dah ada ready market. Good for you & partners.

tobie said...

smoga terus maju...
banyak ker keli yang dah masuk perut tu? :D

Abd Ghani said...

terima kasih. masuk perut pasal matang berperingkat. jadi sikit sangat nak jual pun. makan la. apa lagi.

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