Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Update keli


Just a short update of what's been happening for the last one month or so. I have been busy with work and the ongoing construction of our pond.
30th April - The physical completion of 8 fish ponds with the size of 10' x 10' each.
2nd of May 2009 - Met En Hairil who would be our supplier for fish fry. We plan to to start with 5000 1 inch fries, 5000 1 inch ++ and 5000 2 inch fries as per En Hairil's advice. Most farmers who rely upon 3 inch fries would have difficulty later on should the 3 inch fries supply runs out. So by starting our venture with 1 inch, we should have no problem to take care of 3 inch later on as the smaller it gets, the harder it is to take care of. En Hairil agreed to become our mentor for this project.
5th of May 2009 - All 4 of us (Helmi, Farid, Baber and myself) officially registered Aquad Agro with ROB.

The remaining vacant plot will be farmed with red chili using conventional method and watered with the water from our fish pond. 300+ seeds of red chili is now being prepared and will be planted here in 3 weeks time.

That's all for now.
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